Look, I have a lot of balls when it comes to certain things. Some people out there find it difficult to express their opinions openly without offending someone. The following is a general opinion that I have come up with about how bosses behave in the workplace.

People are always complaining about the small group of people called our bosses.

Recently I have discovered that people do not know how to treat others in the workplace or how to play their role in the workplace.

Point 1: We are all human, right? We all make mistakes, right? So why is it necessary for you to belittle your employees and judge them about one small thing they did wrong? In other words, show me how to be perfect, like you and I will be. There is absolutely no need for any boss to judge their employees, make nasty comments or make fun of them in front of others. You are breaking down their character and damaging their self-confidence.

Point 2: I think we have to categorize please and thank you as swear words, since it is only used in extreme situations. Look, it doesn’t have to be “please” and “thank you” all the time but its nice to hear these words when your employee is taking time out of their schedule to assist you with your work or even just do something as stupid as to make you coffee. That person didn’t have to help you but they did because us as humans are designed to help one another.

Point 3: People quit bosses not jobs. I have come across some people that will rather change their careers, move away and work longer hours just because their bosses are being assholes. The lavish lifestyle you live? Yes, we made that happen. The fancy car you drive? Yes, we worked our asses of for you to be able to afford it. The mansion you live in? Yes, our countless amounts of efforts and over-time made that happen.

So in essence this post is for every person out there that treat their employees like crap. If you have any people working for you or under you, you should really start looking at the way you treat them.

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