The impact social media has on the way we live our lives is actually quite horrifying!! For instance, did you hear about this?? Most common answer will be via some sort of social media platform. No one in this day or age will even bother to pick up the newspaper anymore.

We don’t communicate the way we used to. In the good old days we used to walk over to someone’s house and sort a problem out then and there, instead now we have arguments over text and never leave the house. Rather than slapping some sense into someone, we “name-and-shame” on social media.

Want some new clothing? Sure! Just make sure that your friends and followers approve of it first on social media.

Social media has become such a big influence on our lives that look to these platforms everyday for acceptance in society. We are scared to do silly things and be ourselves because of the way your followers and friends judge on social media.

It has become such a big part of our lives that even our relationships are judged by that. Someone mentioned to me the other day that you are not officially in a relationship unless it is made public on social media. Honestly, guys? What happened to good old fashioned relationships where you don’s have to share it with the world.

Things has now become so complicated that we need to filter everything we post. You can possibly loose your job for what you post. Your social media activity even gets judged by your employers! The way things are going people will most probably start employing others by the amount of shares you have or the amount of followers you have.

Want to have a party? Sure, but let’s just check if the friends and followers approve of this first. People are too scared nowadays to even take pictures because someone somewhere might share it onto social media and you might end up with 10 less followers.

For a change, put down your phone, go outside and just stop caring about social media so much for a change.

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