The norm for every 20 something old girl is to find love because you have pressure from all sides including friends, family and trends. Trust me!! Don’t even try!! All guys going through their 20’s are idiots. They want to try every single thing out there first and will screw you around for weeks and months. Keeping you on the side just so they have the satisfaction. This is the experience I have had in the last couple of months. I might be wrong but this is my opinion.

Rather have fun while you are young and leave the love stories for your late 20’s. Your biological clock doesn’t run out until your mid 30’s. So take a chill pill and go with the flow.

I can spend endless hours trying to tell you about heartbreak and how terrible it is. I can also spend endless hours telling you how amazing it is to have someone to spend time with!!

Trying to understand guys is like trying to understand rocket science.

Also going for guys, don’t try and understand us women. We are, most of the time, just a hot mess. Also girls in their 20’s ,(some of them has realised this) wanna have fun!! They don’t wanna shack up with you!! They just want to be young and have fun.

Finding your “true love” in your 20’s is almost impossible. Chances are you will meet someone spend a lovely 10 years with them and realise that you are old as balls and have wasted your “pretty”, wrinkle free years on that person.

So girls, do not try and find Prince Charming in your early 20’s, they don’t exist!!

This is my take on finding love in your 20’s.

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