Have you ever asked yourself that question? If you have you will probably relate to this blog post.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have a real emergency and there will always be that one person who will answer when you call?? Or rush out to come and help you no matter what?  Then on the other hand we have the useless beings who don’t even answer or ask if you are okay but stillcwant to be a part of your life.

Yes, unfortunately in this cruel world we have to differentiate between the two kinds of beings. People are the worst species to  ever walk this earth. We “name and shame” each other yet on the front of personal communication we are their best friends.

We also have a different kind of friend; he/she does something small for you and expects you to be in their debt forever. Dude, you didnt save my life you just helped out with something!! You end up caring for this person and do everything in your power to repay the “debt” but nothing ever seems to be enough. This type of “friend”, in the end, will hurt you more than you can possibly handle.

Then we have the fake friends. You are only good enough to them when they need something, they will always need something but will never return the favour. They miraculously only pitch up when there’s some type of drama in your life. Not because they care, just because they want the latest scoop and to have a topic to discuss at lunch.

Those who are always available in emergencies, help out where they  an and provide you with love and support. Those people we call real friends. They never expect anything in return. They will rather feed you than themselves. They are worth keeping in your life.

I am literally stating the obvious here. Every single one of you has read an article or blog regarding this topic but sometimes we never really look at our own friends and rule out the fake ones. Start looking at what types of people you involve yourself with and start ruling out the fake ones.

Personally, I am truely grateful for the few “real” friends I have and for how.much they have helped me.

Feel free to like this blog, comment on it and share it with all your true friends.


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