This gift is given to all of us, a whole 24 hours each day.

Do we use our time wisely though? Time is given to us as a gift and we are supposed to use it wisely but we don’t. We would rather waste our time by running after meaningless things and wasting it on people that don’t care about us. We spend our lives running around after meaningless things. In our 20’s, for some fantastic reason, we manage to waste the most time. Look you will make mistakes and it will take time to rectify it and carry on but some people just never manage to learn from their mistakes.

Your 20’s are your “prime” years. We should be spending these years building our lives and making memories. I have personally found that most 20 somethings float around until they are 30 and still living in their parents’ house. When you wake up in your 30’s and realise that you have wasted over a decade on nothing but chasing meaningless situations, it will be too late.

Time is a very precious gift and everyday our time gets less. Why are we not spending the most exciting decade of our lives on things that will matter for the rest of our lives? I have mentioned this in one of my previous posts and I just don’t understand why we live our lives per other people’s expectations. This might sound corny but it’s the truth, spend this decade finding yourself. Find the job you love, find the true friends who will stick to you, find the perfect lifestyle, find out what your likes and dislikes are and most importantly find you!

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