Travelling in your 20’s is so much fun but can also be rather costly.

Save up for these holidays and try to keep them short and sweet. That way you get to see more and experience more. Book your flights and accommodation well in advance, to score those awesome, super cheap deals. Check various airlines before booking a flight, to make sure you get the best deal.

Now that you have booked your flights and accommodation, it’s time to pack your bags.  Start checking the weather about a week in advance to make sure you don’t pack unnecessary clothing. You will be buying souvenirs and lots of gifts while on holiday, so make sure to leave space. Make use of the carry-on luggage allowance if you have over packed. Most airlines allow you a 20kg bag. 20 kilos is quite a bit but weigh your suitcase beforehand just in case.

Now that we have covered flights, accommodation and what to pack, it’s time to travel. Most cities have hidden gems. These places are well-known by locals, so make a few friends along the way. You can honestly go ride an elephant anywhere else in the world but you can’t have the experience of local cuisine anywhere else in the world. Make friends talk to people and let them show you the world through their eyes.

Whilst having the adventure of your life, remember to stay responsible. Yes, we are in our 20’s and yes we need to party it up but just remember you are quite far from home and doing this in a different city might not be such a great idea. Keep it cool and stop when you feel that you’ve had enough. You don’t want to be stranded in a strange city without a wallet, phone or a passport. Keep safe kids and refrain from open drinks and dodgy people.

When travelling, you will have the chance to experience amazing food! This is amazing! On holiday, you are likely to eat much more than normally but watch what you eat. In certain cities in the world you should refrain from dairy, in other cities you should refrain from fish and chicken. Check these things whilst you are planning your trip.

Moola wise, budget properly. Rather allocate more money than less. No one likes to be broke in the middle of their holiday. Just as you would budget at home, budget for your holiday. Allocate money to food, local travel, souvenirs, activities and shopping. Over budgeting is better than under budgeting and keep in mind that life carries on after your holiday.

Don’t be an idiot and forget your travel documents or camera at home. Start preparing and packing at least a week in advance. That way you get the adrenaline going and won’t forget anything important.

There might be a thousand more travel tips out there but this is my personal experience and opinion.

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