The latest craze, selfies. Are they just pictures of how lonely you are?

 Not at all! I am mad about selfies because I love myself. Many years ago, I used to have a complex about myself. I thought I was ugly and fat and just useless to the world. Look I’m not saying that selfies are the magical cure for this. Per scientific research people addicted to selfies have a mental illness. Trust me, there is nothing wrong with selfies. Selfies can either be for your own entertainment or to send to friends or post all over social media.

Photos have been a “thing” for many decades. We now have technology that allows us to take pictures of ourselves. Why not use that? Taking too many selfies, yeah, I can understand why people see it as a mental illness but selfies has been a great help as to how many see themselves. They are not about how lonely you are. It captures a moment, like any photograph. With filters and “beauty face”, you can be anyone.

Let’s get to the bad side of selfies. Look, selfies are great and stuff but don’t fill up my news feed. Keep them to yourself. Not all selfies are meant to be posted online. Selfies in your underwear (whether you are male or female), are not meant for social media. They are meant for your own personal enjoyment not mine. There are many people out there waiting for that and waiting to perv. Guys, showing of your abs is great but honestly too much can be a total turn off. Girls, boobs are amazing, but too much can also be a turn off and end with you getting a reputation.

Selfies are a great way to look at yourself through the eye of a camera and are not a sign of loneliness or mental illness.

Am I right or am I wrong? Tell me in the comment box.

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