Online dating, something your mother has always warned you about.

Now you are in your early 20’s and looking for some fun, so you take to the internet to go find your true love, or so you think. Meeting people online can be fun and dodgy as hell at the same time. Even though this is extremely dangerous, you still do it. All of us do it, we all go through that stage of our 20’s.

Now that you have created your terrible online profile, it’s time to get down to business. Guy/girl number one responded with a like on your profile and there goes all common sense. Firstly, you are way too eager and scared him/her off. You are a bit disappointed but keep going. Soon, you have 100’s of likes and is striking up conversations left, right and centre. Most people delete/ unmatch you after the first 5 minutes but this is fun, right? Finally, you meet someone who texts you day and night and its finally time to meet the person on the other side. You find a decent coffee shop, put on your best shirt, do your hair and this other person finally pitches. Your worst nightmare comes true, it’s the oldest ugliest man you can possible imagine. You have just been cat phished, my dearie. Haha!

So, what is the fool proof recipe for online dating? Personally, I have done this and met the most amazing guy I could ever imagine, my story however was the craziest of them all. Be brutally honest on your profile, down to the last split end. It helps to attract the “right” kind of people. Before you go out and meet someone, make sure you know exactly who this person is, especially if you are a girl. Phone calls, pictures, video calling (if possible) are all tools that will help you find out exactly who this other person is. Use your social media FBI skills for a good cause this time and trust your friends’ opinions.

Nowadays, the world has turned cruel and cold and nothing is safe anymore. If you are visiting this other person in another city or in a private place send your location to your friends, get the other person’s exact details. After all, safety first, right?

Now that you have met, what could be your significant other forever and ever, you are pumping with adrenaline and the butterflies are all over the place. Please try and keep these things to yourself until you are absolutely 100% sure that the other person feels the same. The odds of meeting your soul mate are very slim but still possible.

Online dating is dodgy and requires a lot of self-confidence. The more confident you are online the more “real” people you will attract. The world-wide web has given us so many wonderful things why not use it for personal reasons as well?

Be careful out there kids, there are mean people out there and always make sure that someone knows you whereabouts, especially when you are meeting someone for the first time.

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