Holding on to mommy’s skirt and hiding behind daddy’s money. You are not better than any of us.

This might come across as rude but this is the truth. We live in a society that is judgemental and filthy rich. Some of us were not as lucky as others but we are still all the same.

Today’s blog post is about all the rich kids. Guys, honestly, what are you going to do the day your parents stop giving you everything? We all have a different history, we don’t all come from a privileged background. Why must you have such a horrible attitude to the us who don’t have thousands to blow every weekend? Why judge us?

Mommy is not always going to protect you. There will come a day where you will need to stand on your own two feet and leave the house. Daddy’s money is going to dry up sooner rather than later and you will need to fight your own battles.

In my line of work, I work with the uber rich every day. There are some wonderful people amongst them but the others are just plain out rude. Money will not buy you happiness, my dear. Money will buy you material things, it can’t buy you a happy life. We are all human we are not all blessed with millions, be kind to your neighbour and love your enemy.

As mentioned before, I come across people of all walks of life daily. Here are some of the hilarious things that I have noticed.

Rich people’s kids are always sick. Average people’s kids hardly ever go to the doctor. Coincidence? I think not. I have a theory that rich people’s kids are fed way too much medicine for their own good. Average people can’t afford to rush their kids to the doctor for every small little pain and they just have to stick it out.

Rich people’s kids have worse grades than average people’s kids. This is true for 1 reason only; average people’s kids respect their parents and would one day like to give something back to them as a token of gratitude. These kids work extremely hard for the little they get. Rich people’s kids get handed everything on a silver platter. Why do you want to raise your kids into lazy adults who thinks the world owes them something?

Rich people’s kids write other people off so much faster than average people’s kids. Why? Because when you are bored with your old toys mommy and daddy replaces them. Average people’s kids were taught that friendships and relationships are important. The less fortunate kids have a lot of friends and they are true friends. These people stick together like white on rice.

Hold on a second, why are we even separating these people? Why are we putting them into groups of rich and average? We are all the same, your grave, my grave, it will be the same size. Treat your friends, family, elders and acquaintances with the same respect as you would the president or the queen.

Let’s not separate people into groups but create one group where everyone is equal. This is absolutely no attempt at world peace. This is an attempt to stop the rudeness, the disrespect and spoilt brats.

Leave mommy’s skirt and stand on your own two feet. Stop the “money pumping” and own up to what you have done.

Look guys this is my opinion and you are more than welcome to leave your comments at the bottom.


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