All of us go through this in our 20’s. We all wake up one morning and decide to change EVERYTHING!

This is a bad idea. If you are used to wearing lovely flowing dresses and now decide to chuck everything, it’s a bad idea. This is what I like to call a “mid-20’s crisis”. Yeah, great, you want to change your life up a bit but instead of chucking all your lovely dresses just buy a new shade. Clothes are expensive and being a 20 something is not easy. Whether you gain 20 kilos or lose 20 kilos, keep your old clothes. I have learnt this very expensive lesson a few times now.

I never refer to myself in any of my posts but here is a perfect example. I am a metal head; I wear mostly boots and band shirts. One day, I decided it was a good idea to buy some expensive clothing and chuck all my boots and black clothing. My inner metal head woke up a few years later. I had to replace most of my clothing once again.

Having a “mid-20’s crisis” is perfectly normal but just remember who you are and who you always have been. That person will wake up afterwards and you will be taught a very expensive lesson.

Moral of the story and the point I am trying to get to here is, unless you are a millionaire spoilt brat try and hold onto your belongings through your 20’s as you will be broke, guaranteed almost 80% of the time.

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