So, your relationship just failed, your bank accounts are empty and so is your heart. What’s your next move?

Your relationship just took a turn for the worst, your credit cards are maxed out and you are completely broken. All normal 20 somethings will think their lives have just ended and they are destined to be alone forever. This is not true but before you realise this you go screw yourself up even more by drinking yourself into oblivion and spending the last little bit of cash you have.

Normally, the relationships in your 20’s don’t last. Life, for some sick twisted reason, puts us through all this hurt and emotions to teach us a lesson. As we go on, we start putting up these brick walls and someday find the perfect person who start breaking down these walls and we are happy again, maybe even for the rest of our lives. Problem is, we must go through this numerous times before we find that person. It feels like our hearts have just been ripped out and fed to the dogs, so how could someone possibly tell you that it will all be okay?

Relationships come and go, just like the weather. Guys/girls will come and go. This doesn’t mean that we should destroy ourselves and give up on ever living a happy life. Yes, the pain is real and it’s difficult to deal with. Deep down, you know you didn’t deserve the way that person treated you. Deep down, you know you weren’t destined to be with him/her. But now that that is over, how do we deal with the hurt and pain?

We all deal with pain and situations differently. Something that has always helped me in these situations is that winter is only a season. Sometimes it can feel like an eternity but it’s only a season. It’s the cold season where everything is black and white. Everything is a blur and your whole world stops.

As soon as you have realised you have lost someone completely and that there is no return, it’s a good time to get out there and move on. Out there somewhere in our big a wonderful there is someone waiting to meet you. There is someone for everyone. We are not built, programmed and put on this earth to be alone. Go out and meet that person. Put yourself out there and go after your happily ever after. No fairy-tale is perfect but for the two of you it might be. I promise you there is someone out there to make you happy, sometimes this person could also be right in front of you. You might have been old school friends or grew up together. Sometimes if we lucky, that person never gives up on us.

Don’t waste your life living in hurt and living with what could have been. Get out there and find that person.

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