School’s out!! Its holiday time!!

How do we stay safe over the holidays and avoid getting destroyed?

December holidays are real and the dangers are real. We are all 20 something, had a terrible year and just want to relax. Friends and family get together and we all have a good time. You wake up most mornings regretting last night’s actions and feeling terrible.

Here are some tips from a personal point of view.

Drinking and driving is a big thing. Death is real guys and so is jail time. The last thing you want over the holidays is to end up seriously injured in a car accident or even worse, end up phoning your parents to bail you out. Technology has come a far way over the past few years and we can now order a taxi from our smartphones. This is a safer option, might a tiny bit more expensive than driving but your life is worth more than the few extra bucks. You can even split the fare with friends. The days of trusting your bestie to stay sober are over. Rather safe than sorry.

Drinking excessively is a bad thing. Sure, you haven’t seen your cousin or buddy in the past few months and you want to catch up over a few drinks. The result of this will be you ending up with the biggest hangover of your life if you are not careful. Look, I’m not saying be a saint and abstain. We all want to have fun and go all out! The only thing I want to get across is, you know your limits. You know how much alcohol your poor liver can handle, don’t overdo it. There are plenty of ways to empty the bar and still be fine. Binging is bad and ending up outside the club or pub, vomiting your lungs out is really bad. Pace yourself and don’t drink more than what you know you can handle.

Don’t accept drinks from strangers. We live in a generation where chivalry is dead and us, the younger generation live for hook-ups. Men and women go out to try and score anyway possible. Not to generalise but men are more likely to spike your drink than women are. Nothing wrong with accepting a drink from a guy or girl and having a great time but be careful. Open drinks are very likely to be spiked. Make sure you know where the drink comes from. We would still like you to follow this blog and take some life advice here.

Go out in a group. This is a safer option that hitting the clubs alone. You will have friends to look after or as I normally say, babysitters. If you have friends with you, you are less likely to do incredibly stupid things. Most of us care about our image. Our friends normally make sure we get home safe and that we don’t end up dancing on tables and taking off our clothes. In a different perspective, it’s safer to go out with friends as it’s the festive season and robbers are doing some shopping of their own.

Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. Summer is a fun season and we are all catching some colour in the sun. When we out and about we don’t necessarily realise that we are dehydrating because fun all round, right? This can have you end up in hospital and feeling really sick. You might be on holiday but the sun is always at work. Drink water often and always have some close by. This piece of useless advice might just save you.

Wear sunscreen. Over the holidays, we are all striving for that beach brown bikini body. At the end of the day back at the hotel you end up looking more like a lobster than a babe out of Baywatch. Sunscreen is essential. You will eventually get that tan even with wearing sunscreen. Getting sunburnt while you are on holiday is horrible, especially when you have a very affectionate family. Skin cancer is real, looking like a lobster is real too. Be safe and wear that sunscreen like you own it!

Protection in other aspects. We do not want to end up with another baby boom and that could possibly have you ending up having not such a great holiday. No matter how stupid this might sound or how stupid you are. Be safe and wear protection. STD’s are embarrassing and you do not want to end up ruining someone else’s life because you were an idiot. Safety first kids!!

Stay safe this festive season, we are really enjoying your company and would love for you to still be reading this blog and following it in the new year.

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