Today I saw a very inspiring video on Facebook. Someone went and analysed beauty magazines. The average beauty magazine consists of about 300 pages. 85% of these magazines consists of paid content, which makes these magazines more like a product catalogue. Half the models in these magazines have been photoshopped backwards to show us what “perfect” looks like.

These magazines want us to be skinnier with fairer skin to be perfect. Chances are that you will be depressed after reading this magazine. Who gives these companies power over what we think is perfect? Today, I would like to stand up and say no to these magazines. Beauty magazines has the power to break you down and make you feel worthless, yet we purchase them religiously.

Never, in a beauty magazine will you see the average girl with a bit of curves and a pimple here in there. Rather than creating a realistic image of people they create these life-like dolls. Every second model nowadays suffers from an eating disorder because they think they will look sexy and desirable. Statistics has shown that men find these models revolting instead of attractive.

Some of us believe that the human body is a temple and should be looked after. So, if our bodies are temples, why are we letting media control the way we treat it? Imperfections are what makes us human, it’s what makes beautiful in our own and unique way. Personally, I haven’t really come across many blogs or videos like these that stand up to these companies. Why are we so scared to stand up for ourselves?

These companies influence our daily lives and image of what is perfect. Yes, the editing job was amazing but it doesn’t make the model look real. We have all come across memes of photoshop fails and in all these memes people tried portraying someone or something different to reality. Just like movies these magazines are full of make-up and special effects.

Don’t let a magazine fool you. You are perfect with every single curve and pimple. Start loving yourself and start believing that you are perfect and the world will see you as exactly that.

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