Christmas is over and some of us are unhappy with the presents we received. Is it really what we wanted?

I came across a quote on a social media platform the other day saying “the older we get, we realise that the things we want for Christmas cannot be bought. The shopping centres are madness and we spent all our money on material items for our friends and families. Many of us are unhappy about the gifts that we have received but why?

Have you ever looked at the gift through the other person’s eyes? Put yourself in that person’s shoes and ask yourself why they thought it would’ve been perfect for you. Not everyone has the same amount of money and maybe a chocolate or soap was all the other person could afford.

Christmas is a time where families come together and celebrate another wonderful year together. Christmas is not about who gets the biggest present or who’s gift was the most expensive, it’s about coming together and having a good time as a family. Show some gratitude, you don’t know the reason or circumstances of others.

Referring to the quote above, our lists get shorter as we get older. After a certain age, we realise that we cannot buy good health and happiness. Certain families are torn apart this time of the year as their loved ones are no longer with them or they couldn’t make it home. I do not care how irritating cousin Sam is or how ugly aunt Gerda is, learn to live with it and be grateful for the fact that they are still there.

Whether your gifts this year were big or small, be grateful for them and be happy you got something. Be grateful that your family are still alive and are willing to spend time with you.


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