We are always so quick to judge others but have no idea how they see the world.

We are all unique, every single one of us has a different fingerprint to the next. All human beings are created as “once-off art pieces”. Why are we so quick to judge others?

For example: racism, mixed race or same sex relationships. Have you ever thought that maybe the other person sees their relationship and life as normal? That’s their world, that is how they see things to be normal. I was watching a television show last night about a young aspiring model with mixed race parents. People judge so quick and are so quick to point out how imperfect his life is but have you ever put yourself in his shoes?

The world is rainbow coloured, there are pink, purple, orange, yellow, white and brown people but we discriminate so hard against each other that it has caused wars and complications in so many countries. Look, let’s be honest, we all have our differences and will probably never achieve world piece because of our opinions towards each other.

When babies are born, they don’t see colour, they see another human being. A baby will smile at you no matter what colour or religion you are. If we could all see each other like babies see the world, the world would be a much better place.

Unfortunately, in the society we live in today, your future has already been planned before you even form fingernails and hair in the womb. Your parents have already decided that you will grow up to believe in a certain religion, you are to follow certain cultural traditions, you are to hate the same people they do even though those people have never wronged you.

Human beings need these things to live and survive everyday life. We need faith, we need a certain “guideline”, or else we will all fall apart. Different cultures, religions and colours is what makes the world a wonderful place.

For a second, think of the most colourful and inspiring work of art. Got it? Great! Now imagine that piece of art only in one colour. Does it still look as beautiful as what it was with all the different colours? Of course, not! Same goes to the concept of accepting that there are different cultures, colours and religions. The world would be extremely boring and bland if there were only to be one race, one culture and one religion.

We only have one planet, you are stuck with it so deal with it. Stop judging others on race, culture and religion and start accepting the fact that we are all different and amazing. Each and every one of us has aspiring attributes, each and every one of us has the power to make society a better place to live in.

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