The world wide web is filled with do-it-yourself tutorials and tips, have you tried any?

Yes, DIY, let’s do it, I mean how hard can it possibly be? Afterwards, you end up wounded and your house looks like a hurricane has hit it. Your result looks pathetic compared to what it’s supposed to look like. Now that we have all had a good laugh, let’s get down to business.

You are just starting out and DIY seems like a cheap way to get things done but you end up with a house that’s about to fall apart. A friend and I had this experience just the other night. We tried making body lotion. The kitchen is currently a state of chaos and I don’t think food colouring was supposed to be in this recipe.

DIY is great when you know what you doing. Before you start your project and get overly excited about it, take a moment and think about it logically. For example, petroleum jelly and food colouring don’t make such a great mix. If you are looking do to something yourself, research has never harmed anyone. Don’t just jump to the first recipe you see online, have a look at numerous websites and read a few blogs before you jump into things. Educate yourself on the topic.

The advice I’m giving here applies to everything from building furniture to baking cakes. Things are not always as easy as they seem. If you know for a fact rat poison is not an ingredient of butter frosting, follow your gut and do some more research. Many of us land up with do-it-yourself injuries so please be careful.

Once you have found the right recipe, try and follow it to the letter. Sometimes many of these do-it-yourself blogs are written up by professionals and are not really meant for amateurs. Don’t feel stupid to look up the terminology and products. After looking everything up, buying the ingredients and getting excited, we have to look at safety.

For baking projects, I would suggest an apron. If you are really bad in the kitchen, clearing some spaces would help. For other DIY projects, I would suggest getting the extra things they tell you to. We would love to have you back, next week so please be safe.

Now that we have everything and start building our project, make it fun for yourself. I don’t care if its something you really didn’t want to do. Make it fun. Laugh at yourself from time to time. I have found that the process of a DIY project is really about the experience and what you make of it than the actual thing you making.

Your project is complete! You have a story to back it and no injuries. Feel proud and create your own back story for it.

Have fun kids!!

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