From time to time life gets a little bit too much and we need some form of escape.

Where do we turn to when we need this escape? Who do we turn to? We are all in our 20’s and the general answer from your friends is: have another drink. There comes a time in your life where alcohol can’t fix you anymore and you need to pull the Houdini act.

Disappear from the face of the earth just for a little while to get yourself back together again. For some of us this has also stopped working and sometimes we just need a permanent solution. We go off the rails and try to escape. It’s not an option but sometimes life pushes us to the edge.

We have all had these thoughts from time to time. Maybe things just aren’t going your way anymore and you want to disappear. Your friendships are failing, your love life is incomplete and work is dreadful. Sometimes all we need is just a little time out and to look at life from another perspective.

You can be happy and have all the things in the world going for you but still you need an escape from time to time. A plane/bus ticket can mean more than anything else in the world. If you feel you need a new fresh beginning my advice would be to choose very carefully. I’m not saying put everyone else first but just take a second to think what you are leaving behind. Only go if you are 100% sure that it’s going to be a better life.

An interesting meme I saw the other day said: the grass is only greener on the other because there is more crap. In certain cases, that is the truth. No city on this planet is 100% perfect. No where you are running to will ever be perfect. Referring to one of my earlier blog posts, nothing will ever be perfect unless you make it perfect.

Before you pull the Houdini act, think about the future and current situation. Winter is only a season but it comes every year. No matter who you are, the bad times will always be there. Bad people and bad situations will always be there no matter where you run to. At the end of the day you must make yourself happy. Do what makes you smile. Nobody is going to keep picking up pieces forever. Nobody can tell you what to do but before you pull the Houdini, make sure it is for the best.

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