What does it mean to be alone?

All of us are in our 20’s surrounded by parties, events, family and friends but why do we still feel so alone? I refer to one of my previous blog posts, Real Friends or Fake Friends (https://thedailyraveblog.wordpress.com/2016/10/30/real-friends-or-fake-friends/). We all have quite a variety of friends but still feel left out and alone.

Truth is, we all want to belong somewhere and somehow. You can be the most popular person in your group but go home alone and your best memories are alone. The society we live in today consists out of hook ups, fake friends and drama. We are 20 something and unfortunately, we cannot avoid these things. Depression eventually kicks in and we lock ourselves inside, hiding from the cold cruel world. Locking yourself up and hiding won’t solve your problems, in fact that’s where you develop mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders.

But how can we possibly stop being so lonely? My solution: find a few close friends and spend quality time with them rather than partying it up with fakes and gold diggers. Having a few people that you trust and care for is better than knowing a thousand people who don’t care if you end up in a ditch. People will come and go but someday we all find a few friends that stick with us forever.

I’m single, nobody loves me. This crosses our minds almost daily. Also, referring to a previous blog, we are in our 20’s, we supposed to have fun and build the rest of our lives. The right person will come along someday, the day when you least expect it. Throughout our 20’s we dream of fairy-tale endings, perfect weddings and cute little babies. Nothing wrong with dreaming about these things and wanting it but don’t let it take over your thoughts and life. Chasing love is stupid and we waste so much time doing this.

Now, after a very long story you are still lonely and sad. The best place to start solving this problem will be yourself. Get to know yourself. Go on adventures and spend some time inside your own head before you share yourself with others. A few days inside your own mind will do your mental health wonders. Find out what it is you really want and find out what your pros and cons are. Talk to yourself and have conversations. This is normal we all do it. We all sit some days and have stupid little arguments with ourselves. Once you start doing this you will find that more and more people are attracted to you and you are not so lonely anymore. Solve your own problems before you adopt other people’s.

Now that we all feel better and not so lonely anymore. Have fun and live life to the max!!

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