How much is truly enough before you realise you need to give up?

We find ourselves in these impossible situations, yet we care enough to carry on. Why do we carry on? Are we really ready to give up ourselves? Sometimes caring for someone can either make you or break you. We give up ourselves, we give up our lives just because we care.

Caring for someone can take your life to new heights. It will be the best feeling in the world for them and even for you. After a while the novelty wears off and you are left broken and feeling stupid. Every single time, you fall for the idea of a perfect life. The idea of a perfect life is so addictive that you keep doing it, you keep on hurting yourself chasing this fantasy. The perfect life of a white picket fence, where everything is perfect. From my personal experiences I have learnt that nothing is perfect. Breaking yourself by caring for someone and loving that person is not going to bring you a white picket fence.

When do we give up? How much is enough? Do we give up when that person comes home for the hundredth time not appreciating you? Yet, you still do your best and hope for your white picket fence. We all make sacrifices in life to be with the person we love but get hurt every time. Looking at your friends going through this, you think to yourself that they could do much better. Unfortunately, we do not know why that person is doing it. Maybe, if technology someday allow us, we could experience what that person do and understand it better.

Care, love and pain, the three things that destroys every single human being at some point in their lives. Some of us never truly recover from pain and hurt. Once again, how much is enough? When will you start thinking twice about making decisions? When will you learn?

We think that life is so easy, life will end up perfect. We believe every single stupid quote on social media that things will get better with time but they never truly do. My mom always said, charity starts at home. Unless you start making changes and make the conscious decision not get too involved in issues that’s not yours to deal with, you will never stop hurting. Once this decision has been made, you will realise that life will become easier, life will become peaceful. Look, not talking nonsense here, but most of your friends will probably never speak to you again. People thrive on drama and attention, this is human nature. We all live off someone elses sadness. Start excluding yourself, start becoming a person that looks for positive moments instead of thriving off of other peoples drama and hurt.

You will become an amazing human and life will be so much better…


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