Why do we perceive ourselves so perfect to others?

We all try and put forth this image of perfection but we are all doing it for the wrong reasons. Our family and friends put us on this pedestal throughout our whole lives. Are you on this pedestal for yourself or for others?

People are quick to judge and start rumours, therefore we try and perceive this amazing and perfect front. We all have our cracks, as much as we try and cover up these cracks it just doesn’t work. The world judges us on our cracks. These cracks make us who we are but the world sees it in a different light. The world will always judge.

We wear the most uncomfortable clothes and shoes every day because everyone else says it makes us look amazing. We wear fake smiles everyday just to make sure nobody finds out about our pasts. We modify ourselves to be the spitting image of what society wants us to be. Nobody understand poverty or depression. They just all expect us to be perfect. Society is watching us every second of everyday, just to watch us fail. Make sure next time that you are perfect for the right reason because so many of us are perfect for the wrong reasons.

This pedestal and image we have to live up to has claimed many lives. It has claimed who we are and it predicts our lives. Before you enter the world and have your first cry your pedestal has already been created. Your parents have already decided what you going to be one day and how you will behave. Society has already started judging you even though you can’t even defend yourself yet.

We live in such a vicious world. Even the way you brush your teeth gets judged. To make all of this even better, the world decided to create social media. People get slammed on social media daily for doing absolutely nothing wrong. You get judged by your appearance so much that who you are doesn’t even count for anything anymore. Your dazzling personality just went down the drain because of the way a pair of sunglasses looked on you.

We are not innocent, we are part of this society, each and everything one of us are hiding behind our little digital devices judging the next. Look, I am not aiming for world peace here. I am aiming for a world where every single person will think twice before judging the next. Just remember every time you judge someone, someone else is judging you even more. Who are you to judge people anyways?

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