The time has come that you need to move on and make a new beginning.

Being in your 20’s is fun, you get to have a ton of fun and make the hardest decisions of your life but the time has come for something new. This “something new” can come in any shape or form, whether you have decided to go live overseas or just relocate to another city or even change careers.

Relocating is difficult and can put you under a lot of stress, so make sure you do it for the right reasons. No one is responsible for you other than you. Only you can make yourself happy. The “something new” might also be a new career choice or getting married. Your happiness is your own and only you can make it work. Running from things into other things is never a good thing. Make sure that you are bringing/doing the “something new” for the right reasons.

There are a ton of reasons for why you might be doing this but the main one should be because you can benefit from it and it will make you happier. Many of us suffer from mental illnesses such as depression caused by various situations and people in our lives. Take a step back and breath for a bit before making a big decision such as relocating. Once things have become clear consider your decision carefully. Is relocating really the best option? Or are you running from your problems? Wherever you go you will be facing challenges of great difficulty and this must be considered before taking big decisions.

Changing your career for something could also be the greatest thing ever. Making this choice is a difficult one. Why are you doing it? Do you really hate your current career this much? Doing this in your 20’s could possibly destroy your whole life’s work. You have to have a passion for what you are doing as you spend more than 70% of your time working each day. Make sure this is not just a phase. Make sure that you will benefit from it for the future. We are all still young and free and can probably conquer the world someday but you will also have to keep in mind that you have retirement to think about as well as a family and kids someday.

Putting something new into your life is never an easy choice and sometimes we do it for all the wrong reasons. Referring to a song I was listening to the other day, “You can run but you cant hide”. Don’t run and think that a new start somewhere else doing something else will fix your problems. No place on this earth is problem free and drama free. The only way you will get rid of it and find inner happiness is when you start ignoring and believe that you can be happy.

Think twice before relocating or changing careers. Sometimes the only thing you need to change is the people surrounding you and not your surroundings.


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