Sometimes, what you are most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.

All of us go through some sort of trauma as some point in our lives. These things put us down so much that we can’t see the light again. Whether these things are your parents expecting too much of you, whether you have lost everything due to bad decisions. Everything can be fixed. You just have to get up and go.

Getting up from experiencing something traumatic can be rather challenging and it might seem impossible. A very wise man once told me that where there’s a will there’s a way. I am not here to preach to you how to be positive and how to get up from the fall. All I want you to know is its possible. We all have these amazing people around us who care about us no matter how badly we screw up. People might be judging us and putting us down for everything but you can get up.

Getting up from a fall is challenging but possible. Things won’t be better overnight but it certainly can get better with some time. You might have to make some sacrifices for a little while but soon you will be back on top. Nobody can fix your issues but you. Once you start fixing issues and having a better outlook on life, you will start feeling so much better. The dramas won’t disappear in an instant, they will pop up again when you least expect it.

Even when life pushes you down and you feel like there is no way of carrying on, there’s someone out there facing issues worse than you do and they are surviving. When you are up in a corner all you can do is push. All you can do is push back at life harder than before. Even when you have lost your job, your house, your car and everything important to you, you can get up and fight. Now more than ever you have a reason to get up and work towards things. See it not as a bad scenario but as a challenge and a fresh start.

Losing everything and starting over is sometimes the best thing that could ever happen to you. You start seeing the world in a new perspective and once you are on top again, you can look back and say “I made it”.

Material possessions and financial wealth shouldn’t be what you depend on for your happiness. There are so many amazing human beings out there who would move worlds for you. They might not always be sharing your hangover with you or the greatest memories but they are there in the shadows. Sometimes our support comes from people who you might not even know all that well. Sometimes the only thing we need is a kind word from someone or a slap in the face. The universe works in strange ways. You are in this situation for a reason. Life will never challenge you with something you cannot face. Situations are there to make us stronger.

GET UP AND GO!! Your whole life is ahead of you. You can make the change and face this!


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