Life is like a rollercoaster, up and down, left and right.

How is your rollercoaster going? Are you on the up or downside right now? Are you happy in your relationship but hating every moment at your job? I have recently discovered that nothing will ever be perfect for anyone. You might be loving your job but hating every moment at home because of a failing relationship. You might be loving every second with your loved one but hating every moment at work.

Nothing will ever be perfect. I have looked at other people’s lives over the past year and there simply is no balance for you to live happily. Life is like a rollercoaster, its either up or down, there is no in between.  This is a sad fact of life. The ride is amazing but the ups and downs can sometimes just get a little too much. Thing is, once we are down we can’t stay there, we have to get up. We have to carry on, we have to keep on living.

Being on a down phase of your life is not easy. You shouldn’t give up hope though. You must carry on, with the pain and with the struggles. Getting up from the down makes you even stronger and sometimes it can make the up last longer. Once you get back to the top life will be great again. Life will seem like a breeze and everything will be okay again.

As for the fact that nothing will ever be perfect, the sooner you realise this the better. The sooner you realise that there is no perfect balance between work and home the better your life will be. We all work hard on our relationships and our jobs but at times it doesn’t help anymore and we just have to accept fate.

Every single person you know is struggling with this. Every single one of us is on this rollercoaster just waiting for the up and down, the left and right. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a manual to life and there is no remedy for internal pain. There is no balance.

A week ago, things might have been peachy and today things are falling apart. You are on the verge of losing your job and breaking up your relationship. Things change so quickly. Live for today. Live for the moment. You never know when the next up or down is going to be. Nothing is ever perfect, it will always be up or down.


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