Every time we love someone and they leave, a piece of us stay behind with that person. A piece of our heart forever belongs to another soul. When you only have one piece left, that is when you realise the true meaning of love. The last piece is normally the most important piece of your heart and once gone it can never be replaced. The heart heals but the scars are forever.

People are so quick to judge when you tell them that you love someone. The questions are endless and per the unspoken rule you should be with that person for a minimum period of time. That is the biggest load of nonsense I have ever heard. Have you ever met someone and there is an instant spark? It takes you a week or two to get used to this new feeling and your life is just peachy? Some memes on the internet refer to that feeling as common sense leaving your body. In actual fact your body is responding and your feelings start piling up in an instant. Other times there is the perfect person in your life and you have to change who you are to be with them. That is called being an idiot and you should never be forced into that relationship. Society will push you towards it because you are “so perfect for each other”.

Society wants our lives to be their favourite movie, come to life. Friends and family members push us into corners of unspoken difficulty so their favourite movie can come to life. What dot we as individuals want? How about for once in our lives we give society the opposite of what they want to see play out? Fact is people are too scared to be judged and too scared to stand up for themselves. The human being will try and avoid drama as much as possible in order to satisfy others. In the process where we avoid drama, more drama is created and we end up in a loveless relationship and back to square one.

When you have found an individual who truly makes you happy, makes you forget about the hurt and what society wants, you have found true love.

This dream you are living in has soon turned into a nightmare when society gets involved. Suddenly you get a phone call from your long-lost love who wants to work things out. Memories flash before your eyes and you start remembering the highlights of your relationship. The human brain always wants to focus on good things as it has more power than negative thoughts. You say yes, work things out but you cannot, for the love of you, forget the other person. He/she has dug a tiny little hole in your heart even though you didn’t know each other for very long and you start missing them. The moment that happens you start to realise that you have made a mistake by “exchanging” them for the ex-lover.

These things do happen and this is reality. This is life as we know it. Yes, we go through many stages in this process but sometimes, no matter how hard it is, we have to swallow the bitter pill, marked “Past” and move on to new things.

They always say that an ex is an ex for a reason. This is the truth. People are so quick to say that he/she will be the love of your life and you will never get over them. People are quick to influence you as long as their perfect story plays out. By returning to the past you are breaking the human you were with into pieces and you never know whether they have really given you their last peace.

Moral of the story and the point I am trying to make: The past is over and nothing can ever change it. You chose to walk out of your previous relationship for a reason. The reason you are with another human being today is because for once you are feeling something called love in the right way. Running back to your ex is going to make you lose, what could possibly be the perfect partner. The hurt and pain will never go away because you always leave that little piece behind. We are an extraordinary species and can process hurt and pain. Time heals all wounds. Give someone else a chance to make you happy. You will never know if you have gotten their last piece.


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