Moving can sometimes be the only option but comes with a ton of challenges.

The geographical cure has not yet been scientifically proven to cure depression and mental illnesses but can certainly help you overcome a lot of it. One day, I had enough. I was depressed and in a bad space in my life. The weeks following my sudden decision to relocate to another city hundreds of kilometres away, was a rollercoaster. Yes, I was the young independent woman who had it all and who lost it all.

We all make mistakes in our life and some are harder to “fix” than others. Suffering from a mental illness such as depression pushes us into uncomfortable positions yet we always get back up. When we decide not to get up, that is where the problem starts. Friends and family push us away and the lucky few get professional help to deal with the problem. The unlucky ones, well, we have to find a way to someday get back to the top. The geographical cure to move to another place far away in hopes of restarting your life and making your way back to the top is not always easy, and moving alone is a stressful exercise. It can cause more tension and negative thoughts than you could ever imagine.

Once you have moved, life will seem easier. Life will be worth living again. You can start telling a new story. No one knows you and no one will judge you. You can hit the reset button on life. Life might not immediately seem a lot better but in the long run its worth it.

Many people say running is not a good idea when you encounter problems in your life but sometimes it’s the only option you are left with. I, myself, suffer from serious depression. Some days I felt like the world has turned against me and life is just not worth living anymore. I made the decision to move to a new city really far away to start a new life. This was the best decision I have made to date. Nobody knows me and nobody can judge me.

The reason the geographical cure cannot be proven as effective is because many people fall back into their mental illnesses even after they have started their new life. As mentioned, moving itself is really stressful. Part of the reason this can cause a relapse and make your symptoms worse. Having hit rock bottom, the only way is up. The only choice you have is to go forward.

When there is a risk of relapsing into your mental illness, this is not exactly advisable for many of us suffering from the big “D”. Relocating or immigrating is not a way of solving problems, it only gives you space to gather your thoughts. Fix things, pick yourself up and move on. Being alone in a different country or city is most probably the biggest challenge of them all. You have absolutely no one. No friends. No family. You have to push really hard every morning to get out of bed, find a job and stay positive.

My first week in the new city was a rollercoaster, I had to make it. Pushing to stay positive every day and giving gratitude is difficult. Being grateful for the little you have left of yourself is a difficult challenge. After the first week and after regathering my thoughts, life truly does look better.

Bad situations and bad influences will always be a part of life and the sooner we accept it the sooner we can continue our journey to happiness.

I am in no way a professional trained psychologist or doctor but this is my experience and my opinion.

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