Different opinions, different situations and different realities.

When you complain that you are having the worst day ever, you will usually get the sarcastic answer that there are starving children out there, life could’ve been worse. I fully agree with this statement but my reality is different to yours. What might be my worst day ever, might be your best day ever and vice versa.

We are all unique and see the world differently. Our realities differ so much that you can never tell someone to calm down life could’ve been worse. Who are you to tell another being that their reality is not that bad? As adults, we face daily challenges such as being on time, cooking the right dinner, meeting the right partner etc. Sometimes these challenges become difficult to face and life throws us with the worst day ever.

The light at the end of the tunnel should be that even though we are experiencing the worst day of our lives, tomorrow is a fresh start and a clean slate. It’s difficult to see past the darkness and imagine the lights but it’s always possible. In my opinion, I don’t think it’s fair to tell someone, “Life could’ve been worse”. Maybe we are living the worst possible reality on that day.

One’s problems aren’t ever greater than the next. Instead of judging the next one and breaking them down, listen to their problems and help find a resolution. This is the problem we currently have with society, we would rather tell someone to shut up than sharing a piece of advice.

As per my previous blog posts, society has become cold and evil. We are creating more failures and more problems just because we think it’s cool. My dad used to say, if you can’t say anything nice just shoosh. The world we are living in has become so heartless that 7 out of 10 relationships fail because we think it’s cool to insult our partner. There is truth in many jokes.

Going back to the worst day ever and relationships. What does it mean to have the worst day ever? Is it your partner leaving you or an unforeseen circumstance that has thrown you off? An individual being can never truly understand what it means for the next person to have the worst day ever. We will never be able to fully understand each other even though we think we do.

You think you know it all but in fact you don’t. Society has now developed a new thing. Humans tell each other that they can read minds and predict behaviour. Sweets, you can’t. People always defend each other with the words “I know him/her, he/she would never”. Do you truly know that person? Tell me about their reality, tell me what it means for them to have the worst day ever.

Humans are unpredictable. Our reality is different. You don’t experience that same as the next person. Stop trying to insult each other and harming another. Our compositions are all the same. Don’t think you are better than the next.

Tell me what it means for you to have the worst day ever in the comment section below.


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2 thoughts on “What does it mean to have the worst day ever?

  1. … To betray your dreams, expectations and being deprived of who you really need to be in order to fulfill some arbitrary obligation. That is a really bad day. A day that can become weeks, months or years. Every day we are not living our truth is a worst day ever. Love your blog, you always make me think and you really add value out there. Keep it up, missy. 👍🏾


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