What does it mean to be a woman in the new day and age? Everywhere we see women taking over the world but something is just isn’t right. Society looks at us like we are these super creatures and new invented species. Let me tell you a story…

One day there was a girl who grew up with hopes and dreams but everyone always suppressed her. People everywhere told her she was crazy. They told her, her destiny was to get married, have children, make sure there is a cooked meal every night and run a household. But she was different, she didn’t allow these people’s opinions to get to her. She worked hard at school and graduated top of her class. She moved on to university and completed a degree. Something just wasn’t right about all of this.

Her dream was to own a company, become an outstanding member of society and achieve success. Every company she applied to, her application was rejected and she started losing hope. She questioned herself and a lot of other things. Just because her genitals are different, people are rejecting her. No one has ever heard a lady owning a company or even becoming remotely successful in that field.

Slowly losing hope and almost losing herself, she decided to give it one last try. A massive corporate company appointed her as an admin assistant. Even though she finally had a job people kept telling her the same old story. Her job meant so much to her that she spent every waking second thinking about how she could make tomorrow another successful day. Her hard work didn’t go unnoticed.

After spending a year at this company, her directors started recognizing her hard work and gave her a promotion. Even though this young lady was now the manager of a department, people didn’t stop putting her down. Through the ups and downs this young lady started climbing the corporate ladder. Soon she ended up in an executive position and made a great success of herself.

Behind this story there are many battles that society don’t recognise as real problems. All you see is this amazing woman who made a success of her life, who is now driving a fancy car and wears fancy clothes. Story behind the story, she spent many nights crying herself to sleep, unsure of her future. There were many days where she doubted herself and her purpose in life. There were days where she didn’t have energy to cook or clean. She had to wash her clothes by hand until she could afford a washing machine. Some days there wasn’t enough money for her to get to work and her feet had blisters from walking so far. But she never gave up, she proved society wrong.

Today, women have the right to vote, women now own big corporate companies, women can stand up for themselves, make their own money and oversee their own future. Even though we are capable of all these things, we still need the basics, we still have mood swings, we still have bad days but we overcome these things. Men look at as a transformed species and have great difficulty accepting the fact that some of us do earn more than they do. For a change, we are the bread winners. For a change, we take control.

You should not doubt yourself. Just because people and situations put you down doesn’t mean you can make a success of yourself. Don’t let other situations and harsh words put you down. We all fight each battle our own way. The only thing you have to realise is that you are better than all of the people putting you down. Times are tough but you have the power to succeed and change the world. Bit for bit, piece by piece.

Ladies, please! Take charge of your life. Don’t let your boyfriend/husband/partner decide your fate. You are not everyone’s slave. This is a new century, a new leaf that has turned and we are capable of more. We are capable of more than just cooking, cleaning and running a household. Go out, get that degree, stand up to your chauvinist of a boss and take control. You are no longer a slave. Just because you have different genitals doesn’t mean you are capable of less.

Side note, I am not a feminist, I am encouraging woman to take charge. There are too many women in this world living like crap because they were told they can only cook and clean. Some women have great potential but they are living in the past where they are told what to do. I am one. I am successful but in my head, I still live in the century where I am cooking and cleaning.


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