Life gives us some tough decisions. We struggle and sometimes we crack under pressure and make the wrong ones.

You are 20 something and all your life decisions suck. These situations pop out of nowhere and threaten to turn your life upside down. Do I say yes when he proposes? Do I take the job? Do I need that? Am I doing the right thing? Only a few things that come to mind when making a difficult decision. Life never came with a manual and it’s a struggle. You weigh out the pro’s and con’s but can’t seem to come up with an answer.

This is $&*#!! The most exciting 10 years of your life and you are struggling with this. Spoiling all the fun and putting you in harm’s way. Sorry sweetie, but this is your decision and no one else’s. Even though our friends and family give advice they still can’t make any decisions for you. What we don’t realise in the moment that we decide, our decision has consequences.

Most of us crawl up into a ball, get depressed and cry for days but the decision will still be at your front door when you are done. A good example of a difficult decision is when you must decide between your partner and your career.

Life is good, he/she is great, you just moved in together but then this great opportunity pops up. In another city, across the country. This opportunity will give your career the boost it needs but you just can’t get past the fact that you have to leave the one you love and adore behind. A wise man once told me that you career is the very thing that defines you. Although this is the truth, the thought still lingers that you will lose your partner forever. Soon you pass up the opportunity and stay. Everything is dandy, everything is great, until the break up. You are left with nothing, your career sucks, your life sucks, you are stuck in the same 9-5 that you have been doing for years with no opportunity to ever advance.

Every decision you make has a consequence. Big or small, the repercussions will still be there. On a smaller scale, let’s say you are stuck with the decision of whether or not to go to that party tonight. You have exams next week but haven’t seen your friends in so long. The temptation is there and difficult to overcome. Your final exam or a good night out with your friends. Either option has consequences. Staying in and studying will give you great results and will guarantee you a job with a fancy office. Going out and having a great night will give you everlasting memories but you will be too tired to study afterwards and fail your exam. The really annoying rhetorical question our parents always ask is: “Do you really want to end up a petrol attendant or waitress?”

Decisions can get tough. Sometimes decisions can make you or break you. There is no right or wrong decision but there are repercussions to every decision you make. This can be either good or bad. Always remember that when you are making a decision, you have to make a decision for yourself. Nobody is going to be there for the repercussions but you.

Let’s all learn something from this blog and make decisions your B@#$&

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