We all stray from our paths at some point in our lives. Getting back on track is challenging but important.

Get back on track. You need some alone time, you need some kind of breakdown for your sanity to return. Life is great, relationship going strong and work is perfect, yet you are not yourself. Emotions take over and the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Opportunities pass by and you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. In times like these we must pick up the pieces and start from scratch. A lot of people say they don’t have time and they are too busy. Depression is real and it does make you sleep constantly. Winning this war is not going to be easy.

Getting back on track is a challenge. You need to tune in to your emotions and thoughts. With everything going through your head, this can be overwhelming. Writing, music and taking a walk every now and again can help control these thoughts. To by pass the issues in your head, you need to fight yourself. Your thoughts will destroy you if you don’t take control. If we can take an example, anxiety and panic attacks are a good one. A panic attack is basically your brain taking over and telling your body what to do. If you can control the panic attack and side effects, you have won a mental war.

Around every corner we hear people saying to be positive and to forget about the negative. This is true, every dark cloud does have a silver lining but finding that lining is the real challenge. The clouds get bigger and we start to lose hope. For some reason, if you sit and think about it life doesn’t leave you any other option but to be positive. When you give up hope and accept circumstances, that is a positive change. When you just dwell in the endless place we call a world, things will eventually start changing bit by bit and life will brighten up again.

Positive weighs out negative almost all the time. I can tell you to be positive, I can sit here and tell you about all the benefits but the choice is still yours. In the beginning its tough. It doesn’t mean you have to monitor your thoughts and rethink each and everything you do and say. Getting back on track to the life you have created will be challenging but possible in the end.

Losing yourself is easy when life takes over and everything takes up all your time. Finding yourself after this period is important. You must let go of all the elements that caused you to lose yourself. Pick up the pieces and get back on track. Leave the rest behind. You are responsible for your own happiness. Positivity is key. Positivity is how things start happening in your life.

Today, I would like you to take a challenge. 50 days of positivity. Create a diary, whether it’s a hardcover or on your laptop. Every day, write in something positive about your day. It can be something small or something big. The goal is to get your life back on track.

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