We all get lonely from time to time and we tend to suffocate those around us.

Remember when you were a little kid and your parents got you a puppy? All you wanted to do is squeeze it and love it. Your parents kept telling you to give it some space and let it live or else you going to kill it. This happens in real life too. We get into a relationship or gain a special friendship and all we want to do is give it our best. You will end up suffocating the other person.

Some people get so lonely from time to time, that given the opportunity they will suffocate another with their love. Not all of us want to be smothered. Some of us just want a relationship where we can be without an over reacting partner. It’s good to care. It’s good to give a S@#$ about the next person but don’t suffocate them.

Now you got that look on your face that says wtf, right? You might be fine with a possessive, over protecting and smothering relationship but other people aren’t. For example, you meet someone who has no friends and doesn’t have any social interaction with other human beings. We call this the kid. You come into this person’s life and all they want is to give you attention and in a heartbeat, you become their world. You become everything they live and breathe for. All this person wants to do is talk to you, spend time with you and know what you are up to the whole time. You have now become the kids’ puppy. This kid will suffocate you until something drastic happens and you just can’t take it anymore.

The sad reality is that society has rejected this poor kid and every single chance he/she gets to interact socially they suffocate the bunny. My blogs are normally about people and situations and how to better the world we live in. This kid might have a range of reasons as to why he/she is insecure and just wants to love every puppy they see.

We have all learnt from previous experiences that life is cruel and everyone is fending for themselves at the cost of others’ humanity. Why aren’t we taking that kid and showing them the nicer side of the world? At the other end of the stick, we are sitting with a scared person, scared of rejection and scared of getting hurt. How can we possibly make this person feel “okay” with the world again without running for the hills when they suffocate us?


If you are that person who suffocates others, please stop. You will be alone forever if you keep suffocating everyone that comes into your life. Friendships and relationships are like building a house, you need a solid foundation. You need to build that house brick by brick. In life, it works as give a little, get a little. Nothing is easy and unfortunately rejection is a part of life.

Feeling alone, sad and sorry for yourself? Wake up, sunshine! The world isn’t going to change, it’s all up to you. Don’t suffocate every little soul that comes into your life. Starting friendships are good but don’t put your whole being into it. You will end up in the same situation at the end of the day. Start one friendship, get comfortable with normal interactions. Start a 2nd friendship and take it from there. You should be putting your efforts into building your own life and making yourself happy. Friendships and relationships are there to support this process.

Focus on yourself and build friendships that support you as a person. Focus your energy and efforts on good things. Soon you will learn how the feeling of having someone to suffocate will go away and your happiness will completely be self-dependant. Be happy, find the happiness in yourself before you suffocate the poor bunny.

Tell me in the comments below your personal experience with a person suffocating you.

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suffocating the bunny


4 thoughts on “Don’t suffocate the bunny

      1. Am not sure I believe that. There are evil people in society, but I don’t think as a rule everyone is vicious and evil. I can’t think that, otherwise there would have been no point in me getting out of the situation I was in. There has to be hope.


  1. There is always hope. Sometimes we come across beautiful people and other times I lose all faith in humanity. I have been in a few situations where I have personally experienced the cruel ways society has. Not all of society is evil and vicious, there definitely is some beautiful people.


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