The three swear words no girl wants to hear when she starts investing her emotions. Friends with benefits.

Telling a girl to her face you are only friends with benefits is like telling her she is a “slut you are hiring for a while”. Women are the strangest creatures on planet Earth and all we really want is loyalty honesty and to be looked after. Most women in the new era are independent and strong. Women now have the right to education and to vote but we are still human beings. Men accuse us of being too sensitive and having too many complications. The truth is we know what we want and we do not settle for anything less.

The new era of women has become more intelligent and have realised that they need to treat men like a business prospect or else hurt will come over and over. Treating them like a business prospect will soon have you realise whether they are in it for the long run or just a short time. Men have become more disgusting over time and the new generation isn’t any better. Suddenly, we are living for the next hook up instead of looking for a partner to spend a lifetime with.  

Men complain daily that they have been single for soooo long and just can’t seem to find the perfect partner. Women have learnt that men are scum and the good guys are normally taken or just non-existent therefore we have to keep an open mind. We all get lonely at some point in our lives and make some really bad mistakes. Unfortunately, society does not see this as mistakes but rather as an opportunity to name and shame us.

As previously mentioned, we live in a generation of hook ups. Being a friend with benefits means only that they prefer having numerous sexual encounters with you but not investing any emotion in the situation. Not many females pick up the “friends with benefits” move when they first start seeing a guy. After a week or two you start wondering why he hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend and that is normally when common sense kicks in and you realise you will only ever be his friend for the benefits. The first signs of this is normally when they can’t hold a conversation with you without it turning sexual. He doesn’t want to see you unless you are promising him sexual favours.

A good way to prevent this from happening is not to “put out” until you have been together for at least a month or have had numerous dates. Five dates are normally a good place to start. Speaking from experience, I have realised that after you “put out”, they lose all interest. The compliments and date suddenly stops and the chats get shorter. Referring to the above, women know what they want and therefore seem “complicated” to the opposite sex. There will always be drama and difficult scenarios in each and every person’s life which you cannot avoid. Women tend to have a lot more situations than men, therefore men only prefer to be friends with benefits.

This is my opinion on the “generation of hook ups” and “friends with benefits” scenario. Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comment box below.


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Friends with benefits

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