Look up from your phone for once and have a conversation.

Society have become slaves to technology. When was the last time you made small talk with someone while you wait for the meeting to start? When last have you asked someone about the weather or had a conversation about it? We are slaves to technology.

Feelings have become hearts via instant messaging. Break ups have become a relationship status change on a social media platform. Fun has become an online game. What have we become? Technology now own us. Unfortunately, we need it to make our world go around but it doesn’t mean that we can’t switch off for an hour a day and spend time with a loved one. We have the big things. We have partners and careers but we are missing the smaller things in life. The way the clouds move and make up different pictures. The way the waves crash when they hit the shore. The sound of bees that are close by. When last have you looked at things like this?

Every memory we have is now captured on a device and we look at all our experiences through a phone screen. We experience things through this screen. Do you feel like you are missing something if you don’t capture the memory immediately? Scientifically proven memories stay with us forever and to relive that memory it’s as easy as closing your eyes and focussing on it. Most of us sit and look at computer screens Monday to Friday 8 hours a day and never get a break. Why do we now spend our weekends and time off looking at things through another screen? Didn’t you have enough at your day job?

All over social media there are self-proclaimed experts that gives hints and tips about how to interact with one another. We all share these posts to make  a good impression with everyone on our friends lists but have you actually applied any of those things to yourself, lately?

Our world has become digital and there is so little beauty left in our world. Put down the damn phone, drive over to your girlfriends’ house and go spend some quality time with her. Stop texting your boyfriend heart, pick up the phone and tell him you love him. We have complicated ourselves and the world to such an extent that we don’t understand each other anymore. Relationships don’t last because we are too lazy to pick up the phone or drive over. Less people are getting married and less people actually want a relationship, purely for the reason that it has now been complicated so much.

Social media profiles aren’t us. Yes, you can see my interest, my religious beliefs and my political views on there but can you tell that I am a Saint or a Sinner? Can you see how I react to certain situations? We tend to believe everything we read on social media and we judge people according to that. Companies judge according to your online profile and presence. This is wrong in so many ways. That’s why online dating never works out. The messages you send, you won’t say those things to the other party in person. Online dating is a great way to meet new people, yes. But now we have started becoming dependant on it. We depend on social media and dating sites to complete our lives and make our friends for us.

Cavemen have lived for so long without technology. What makes us so special that we can’t even put the stupid phone down for 2 minutes?

Next time you have a meeting or you are waiting for something, start a conversation with the individual next to you. The small things are what makes life beautiful.

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