What happens at 6 weeks?

The most crucial time of a relationship.

Experimenting with social situations has always been intriguing to me and I have always wanted to meet all the different kinds of people and learn their ways. Being raised by a very conservative father this has been difficult. The world always tells you that you have a type and that certain people aren’t your type purely because they don’t have the same culture as you or have controversial actions. Throughout my lifetime (which isn’t very long), my love life has not had a type.

Society groups people into, bad asses, church goers, alcoholics, dark people or decent people. Throughout my love life I have most probably dated most of these stereotypes society has made up. The 6-week rule applied to most of them. Here are some tips to get past the 6-week time period and how different stereotypes react to it.

The badass metalheads, punks and “dark people” are normally the kindest loving types. They come into your life with this attitude but soon you discover the image is a wall they have put up to protect them from the world. Once their walls are down, they are kinds sweet and caring. TO your surprise you will found that they love unicorns and enjoy Sunday ice-cream. Society has grouped them under the opposite, society grouped them as Satan lovers, blood thirsty animal. These people have put up this image of darkness because society wanted them to be that way. Most of these individuals actually suffer from serious depression and anxiety. All they want is love. What happens at 6 weeks though? They need an answer. They have confided so much in you that they will do anything and sacrifice themselves just to keep someone around who cares. The badasses aren’t as badass as they think.

The church goers, all holy and religious, right up until 5 o’clock. The most religious people I have met are the worst people on this Earth. They live lives that the religion itself would be ashamed of them. These guys screw girls over left right and centre, yet they go to church on Sundays and preach The Word all over social media. They lie, cheat, steal and murder. We see these examples mostly on our favourite dating platform, Tinder. Even having the perfect back story and the most amazing life, they still feel the need to be ugly to people and destroy them. This group is the most judgemental of them all. They do not care about you, sweetie. They only want your body. What happens at 6 weeks? The first word of relationship they will make you out to be needy and desperate. But in those 6 weeks they gave you all the ideas of a relationship and love. Certain people think they aren’t hurting other’s when they use love as a word to get laid. Boys, you should be ashamed.

The party animals, sometimes all they really need is direction! He is the type of guy that is out every single weekend. The most popular guy on Instagram. The life of the party and the guy that makes life look like fun, surrounded with models, booze and friends. Always up for a good time and always the friendliest guy to be around. We love giving these guys a chance because sometimes all they really want is good girl who will take care of them. This is the only stereotype you have a 50/50 chance with. But, what happens at 6 weeks? They either run when you ask, or they stay and great things start happening. Some have had a difficult past and the active lifestyle was only a way to ignore the pain.

Some of these stereotypes makes for great relationships if they stay after the 6 weeks. Some of them make you out to be the bad guy in the whole situation. We all need love, we all need that special person in our lives and no matter what we will never stop trying. After starting something for 6 weeks you get a good idea of what the other person is all about. The silly habits, the way they like their coffee, their favourite way to pass time etc. It takes a while to get to know someone. Just remember, when she asks the question about where it’s going, don’t think about it as a marriage proposal. All she wants is clarity. For a woman to invest in you and forget about the rest of the guys in the world is a big step. No matter which one of these stereotypes you are, prove society wrong, be an adult about the situation. Life is difficult as it is, don’t make it more difficult for another. All our days are number on this planet, take a chance on happiness.

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what happens at 6 weeks 

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