There is a whole world out there, filled with screams in every corner. Nobody wants to hear these screams and now they have gone silent. What do the screams sound like?

Mental illness, a swear word and a joke to half the population. Sure, you have a mental illness but who gives a f@#$? You reach out to psychologists, doctors, friends, and family. Everyone always says that they will support you and be there for you when life gets tough. They will leave, this is guaranteed. Maybe, they will be there for you once. That’s where the fairy tale of actually having support ends. The world leaves after the first episode, never to return. Its like a bad experience at a restaurant. You aren’t gonna go back there if you have a bad experience. Little do you know how amazing that restaurant really is despite the one bad experience.

We all scream into our pillows at night, wishing life was simpler, wishing we were dead. We make moves, we try to live yet nothing is making us happy. The great minds of this world keep telling us to find happiness in ourselves but yet we cant. Having depression, anxiety and personality disorders makes you cry for days. It makes you curl up into a ball and wish you didn’t exist. Truth be told, nothing we do in ourselves can make us happy. We move on and try finding our happiness in other humans only to be broken and disappointed in the end.

Is there a happy ending for anyone with a mental illness? So many times we refer to suicide as an option. The only reason it has become an option is because society does not have space for broken little pieces of crap. There are rare stories where people end up happy with the house, the life, and the perfect partner. To me, I see as it a boat. Now, imagine this boat only has space for 100 people. There is a deadly illness going around and the only way to survive is to get on this boat. You have been waiting in line, patiently, for quite some time. Finally, you get to the front, just to be told there is no space for you. (Yes, I play a lot of video games) In any video game/movie, this is your end. You die here, despite the efforts of trying to stay alive.

You are 405 words into this blog and I still haven’t told you what the screams sound like? All 3 of the above paragraphs are what the screams sound like. You have no choice but to continue with your miserable life.

The joke of the century has now costed many lives. The suicide rate is higher than ever before. Not because of people being easily offended but because we can no longer take the pain. We scream, we ask for help, it all falls on deaf ears. Nobody wants the burden of a mentally ill person on them. Life is too complicated and every thing is “fixable” right? Take a pill and get over yourself. Stop acting. Have you tried not being anxious and depressed? Things people who apparently “cares” tell us everyday.

Let me ask you something douche bag, have you ever tried not being a total dick? You are one of the reasons our suicide rate is sky high.

Moral of the story/blog, mental illnesses are real and people suffer. Don’t just try being “nicer”. Try making a difference in someone’s life by actually supporting them instead of leaving after the first episode. We usually are the nicest people around but people don’t want to stick around long enough for that, ever. Think about your actions. Think about your words. Think about the way you treat people.


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