Its not always what you think.

When you go up to someone and ask them, what happiness is, each person will have a different answer. For some, happiness is having a full tummy and a warm bed. For others it might just be to get through the day without having another breakdown. We all keep chasing the myth that happiness is out there, waiting for us. Humanity spend their lives looking for it and never seem to find it. True happiness is to be grateful and appreciative of your immediate surroundings. You might be lonely tonight but embrace that feeling and appreciate it. You might not have this chance again.

Here comes the cliché moment we have all been waiting for, happiness is what you make of it. Its not out there waiting for you like your mother after school. Its more like a shadow that follows you everywhere, its there, its inside of you. There’s no need to go off and do the whole soul searching. For someone, as dark as myself, its difficult to write about this as I am rarely ever happy. My mind is a mess with 3 different mental disorders and happiness comes on rare occasions. My blogs are usually about mental illnesses and how people discriminate against us. Its painful to write about happiness as I have never truly experienced it for longer than 30 minutes.

After an experiment, I have come to realize that happiness never leaves you. In the darkest of hours there will always be a sparkle to keep you going. There wont always be a person or an object but there will be a thought or an idea. Its difficult wrap your mind around the fact that its not something you chase but more your perception of the idea.

Your happiness might be to make it through another day, alive. My happiness might be to be able to make someone else smile despite my own emotions. Someone else’s happiness might be a pair of shoes.

Happiness and the perception there of. Looking at it from a different perspective, what makes a straight line straight and a scew line scew? Perception! From the angle that human number 1 is standing his line is straight. From the angle that human number 2 is standing the line is scew. This shows us that not everything we see wrong is wrong. Not everything you see as right is right. So who in the name of hell are you to tell someone else their happiness is wrong? Who are you to place doubt into someone else’s mind that their reality is wrong and doesn’t count? Perception is a wonderful thing trying to take that away from someone is a crime against humanity.

Happiness is something we chase all our lives and when we find it, some idiot comes along and tells us that its all wrong. The search starts from scratch, with all the emotions and feelings of guilt, because how could we have wasted so much precious time? Happiness stick with you like super glue!! You are chasing your own tail. Have you ever watched a puppy chase its own tail? Great entertainment, right? That’s all you are to the rest of the world. Stop chasing the myth that happiness is out there waiting for you. Its right here and right now. Be grateful and appreciative of your immediate surroundings. That is happiness.

Myth solved!! Now why do society keep us from accepting this? Because the world is too nasty and too selfish. What fun is the movie called life when we can’t laugh at others failing? What would life be if we can’t make the next person feel bad?

Its so easy to sometimes get carried away and say that if we could all be happy it would be nice. We can’t all be happy. Every single person has a different perception as to what happiness is. Don’t ruin someone else’s perception of happiness because yours suck.


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