The most painful words we utter to the next.

Being used to something means that you are no longer affected by the action or words. Saying to someone, I’m used to it, in an emotional capacity takes a helluva strong person. Lately, all my posts have been about mental illness and this one is no different. No matter how many times I express the pain and emotion we go through every day some people will never take it seriously. Just another joke, just another status and just another human. They will be fine you know.

This blog is more about the feelings any normal human would experience, have they been through the same emotion a hundred times. Its like flying, you know. The first flight is nerve wrecking and a real rush. The second one not so much. By the time you fly for the third time, you are used it. The same when certain processes repeat themselves, in life. You get used to it.

Trying to explain this from an emotional stand point is tough. Every time a relationship/fling ends we tell ourselves never again. The next one come around and the process repeats itself. The latest is to tell your partner you don’t love them. These words seem to be spoken much easier than addressing the problem or discussing a problem with your partner. One thing every single human being should never reply to that is: “I’m used to it”. The words seem so easy and effortless, yet you are broken. You don’t even know where to start fixing yourself. You don’t understand what makes you such an unlovable human being.

This is the route of depression and other related stupid things. Its scary how 4 words make it seem to your partner that you are okay. They don’t give a flying f@#k to be honest. As long as they can keep doing it to the next person over and over again they are happy. Relationships are now complex, its easy to get into and even easier to leave. We all want that someone to be a part of our lives but as soon as things get real, they just tell you they don’t love you and leave. Life has become one big lie. No human can trust the next without taking serious precautions.

Every person out there claims that they are not like the rest, that they are all for the good things and despise of the bad. To lie to someone and have them say “I’m used to it”, in the end, makes you no different from the rest of this terrible world. You tear a whole person’s world apart when you tell them you don’t love them and that you don’t have feelings for them. The only thing left that we can reply with, I’m used to it. So many people commit suicide on a daily basis because of processes repeating themselves and even though it’s the hundred and tenth time, you are never used to it. No matter how much precautions you take, no matter how much you lie to yourself.

The problem is that relationships have become such a mindless thing. People don’t care anymore. People only look out for themselves. This trend has become popular in the past few years where people get into relationships with no intention to spend a life time with the other person but rather just the intention to pass time and have fun.

Having fun, getting to know each other, and confiding in each other is what makes a connection between two people beautiful. You don’t have to know everything about the other person. What will you have left when you are 10 years in? When a person confides in you about themselves, their history and their problems, it takes a lot out of them. It takes trust and “guts”. When you get up and walk away, that person will never see themselves in the same way or behave in the same way. A small piece of that person shuts down. The beautiful sparkle that made them human, fades just a little. They say they are used to it but they aren’t. Nobody gets used to being hurt.

Creating a better society is to create an active consciousness for all people and their actions. Stop being selfish and give the other person a chance. You never know what the future holds.

So many people, on a daily basis, tell me to stop stressing and try to control the situation. But it angers me knowing that people keep hurting each other so much that they take their own lives. It angers me to know that this guy will tell this girl he doesn’t love her, apologize and do it to the next. BE HONEST. BE REAL. You might save a life. If you feel that 2 weeks into a relationship and its not working out, tell the other person but don’t make it about yourself. Speak up when there is a problem and prevent someone from saying that they are used to getting hurt.

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