Clean up, organize, get your life back together.

When searching online for the cure to depression and anxiety one of the things mentioned is cleaning up and organizing your life. Depression is when you have negative thoughts, lonely thoughts and thoughts of self-destruction. Anxiety is when you have the constant fear of things falling apart and the inability to control situations.

In January 2018, I made the conscious decision of cleaning up my life and following a routine. A lot of my anxiety went away, and my depressive episodes improved. Having positive thoughts became easier. The idea of not being able to control every situation improved. I decided to clean up my living spaces and accept the things I can’t change. Doing this was not an easy task but it helped a lot of my symptoms.

Here is a word of advice, get up tomorrow morning, throw all the contents of your wardrobe out on the floor and reorganize your wardrobe. Change the color scheme of your room. Change the way you dress even if its by adding a nice necklace or bracelet to an outfit. Organize your schedule to fit you, not the people around you. Make time every week for yourself. Even if its only to meditate for half an hour. Start a diet and an exercise routine. Things might not start looking up immediately but about a week or two into this you will start noticing the change.

Many online bloggers believe that exercise and a healthy diet is key to relieve the symptoms of depression. Exercising daily or even twice a week makes a huge difference. You start building confidence and that confidence helps you face the world. The exercise also tires you out and there is less time to ponder on the negative and more time to have positive thoughts.

Changing your living spaces improves the symptoms of anxiety a lot. In fact, changing the way you position yourself at your desk at work everyday gives you a little bit of control in your 9 to 5. You can’t control the circumstances at work, but you can control your immediate surroundings. Get a flower for your desk and learn to love this little thing. Your day will brighten up just a tad and work will see a bit easier. Change the way your clothing is packed and organized in your wardrobe. It will give you a fresh outlook on life and you will be a little bit more positive about the next day.

Organizing your schedule around your life and needs can be challenging but do it. If you are single this will be a breeze. Make sure you dedicated 1 or 2 days a week to socializing with people. Have no friends? No problem! There are online applications where people with similar interests meet up once or twice a week to do something fun. Join a book club. Go for some musical lessons. The time spent socializing will minimize the fear of forever being alone. If you are a workaholic, change your schedule to only complete lighter tasks after hours so that not all your time is taken away.

Invest in some costume jewellery. Rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. I wear jewellery because I see it as my armor. I put it on each to I leave the house to give me the sense that I am ready and no matter what, people can’t hurt me anymore. People have different things they see and use as their daily armor. Some people will have a certain pair of socks or even a hair clip. The idea sounds mad but its like the item completes the outfit and gives you that confidence for your daily battles.

Adjust your diet accordingly. You don’t have to be super healthy but follow a balanced diet. I understand the fact not all of us eat regularly but try to squeeze in at least 1 decent a meal a day to keep your system going. Exercise will have you eating on a regular basis anyways. Your diet doesn’t have to be fancy and you don’t need to go out and buy a ton of expensive things. Your answer is most probably in your kitchen already. Cut out foods that have high caffeine and sugar content as that tends to make you more anxious and the come down makes you depressive.

To be honest, these things won’t take your anxiety and depression away, but it’ll improve the symptoms of each. Fighting the battle every single day is tiring. It takes every little bit of energy you have. The only reason some of us are still here is because suicide only passes our pain on to someone else.

It’s time to clean up! Not because we feel like we want to live and turn into awesome, positive and influential people overnight but because we can do something to make the battle we fight daily a little bit easier on ourselves. Maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle with depression and anxiety is a struggle but its possible. Change your immediate surroundings and accept the things you can’t change. We have fought these demons for a long time and it’s time for us to show them who’s boss.

Clean up your life and organize it better. When it feels like you have lost everything, make the change and improve your life. Nobody can take YOU away from YOU, not the ex-boyfriend, not the ex-boss, not the nasty judgmental people that make our lives hell, NO ONE. Spend some time in your head and heart and fix up your life. It’s the little things that matter.


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