My story continued; it didn’t end.

After numerous attempts to raise funds for my admission and recovery, all have failed. Luckily, the clinic I was admitted to was kind enough to allow us a payment arrangement. We scratched together the deposit and had me admitted on the 29th of January 2019.

I am grateful for the staff at Palm Tree Clinic treating me with such care and allowing us to pay off the therapy. Today, marks day 4 of me being discharged. Life is still scary, and my anxiety has gotten less but hasn’t disappeared. I met a few people inside the clinic who has made me see the world in a different way. I was encouraged to keep writing, not only for therapy purposes but for the pure reason that my writing has changed the world for many.

My time inside the clinic was spent sitting through endless hours of therapy. As soon as I was discharged, I realized something. This clinic gave me the tools to survive and I need to start using the skills they have equipped me with. This is much easier said than done. With the stigma around these places, you are labelled as “disabled” or “crazy” by society. The people I have met during my stay in the hospital was everything but “disabled” and “crazy”. In fact, they are the bravest people I have ever come across.

Every human on this planet has mental health. You go to the GP once a year for a check-up, but you never go to the psychologist. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. People admitted to psychiatric institutions are brave enough to seek help. They have the “balls” to stand up and say “Hey, I need help!”. Us, as mental patients have accepted our conditions and we try to better ourselves. The more we try, the more society breaks us down. Our employers see us as unstable, unreliable people who have “lost it” and will never be the same again.

Unfortunately, in South Africa we do not have enough support from our Government with regards to mental health. Only 12% of South Africans have been diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder. If you look around you, there are people all around us screaming for help, yet we ignore them. We would rather attend their funeral than listen to them.

During my stay, I have come to realize that no problem is too big or too small to be admitted. Personally, I understand why I feel the way I do. I understand what I need to do, to deal with my issues but first I need to make changes in my life. This blog being one of them. I will be writing until the internet gives up. Even if it only reaches one person and makes a small change for them, it will make me happy.

There is a lot of pain going around and a lot of people suppressing their conditions. My advice go see a psychologist and look after your mental health just like you do with your physical health.

We still need a lot of funding for my own therapy as I still have a long road ahead of me.

If you can possibly find it in your heart to help us, following this link to our funding page:

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