We all want to live the dream of travelling everywhere all the time and becoming jetsetters.

This is a bit more of a personal blog than anything else.

In July 2016, my adventure started. The travel bug bit me and to this day I am still travelling across the country, almost monthly. Travelling has taught me many things. One of the most important things were to appreciate the place you call home. There was a time where I didn’t have a permanent residence and living out of a suitcase for 6 months. After those 6 months, I settled down into a place for 2 months. I tried spending as much time possible at home. It was the only place I could express my thoughts without being judged by the world.

When you are constantly travelling, you lose touch with your inner self. Your mental and physical state deteriorates. Even though you don’t realize it, you become a robot. Unsure of your next destination and always running from your demons. In your mind, the next destination will fix your depression and anxiety. You become stuck in a state of my mind where you believe that travelling excessively fixes everything. You stop spending money on your residence and spend more money on your travelling addiction.

When I started travelling 2 years ago, I was sleeping on a blow-up mattress and sometimes didn’t have enough money to feed myself. For some reason, there was always money for travelling. I did anything and everything I could to keep travelling. I bankrupted myself and my business and was forced to start all over again. My adventures and travels have become less and less in the past few months as I found peace within myself. Travel now doesn’t bother me as much as it did before. Sure, there are so many places I still want to see and so much I still want to do but for now I’m happy with being at peace within myself and having good health.

We read about addiction every day in newspapers, magazines and social media but we never see or hear of travelling becoming an addiction. Don’t get me wrong, travelling is wonderful and if you can afford it, do it but there comes a time where its unhealthy. Many people believe that the holiday at the end of the year is their time to get their heads together. They become depressed and sad when they can’t afford it. They become upset with the world. What they don’t understand is that time off work is for resting and working on yourself. Your work needs you to be in tip top shape to perform your tasks at the best of your ability.

I am a workaholic and a travel addict. My mental, physical and financial state has taken a nock over the past 2 years as I kept travelling to find answers. The moment I realized that the next destination isn’t going to fix my head or my heart, life became a little easier. I, now, value my moments of solitude. I value the time I get to spend on myself.

A very famous vlogger made a video about wasting time. To be honest, I wasted 2 years of my life travelling and looking for answers. I have lost 730 days of my life along with countless amounts of money. Running from a situation is never the answer. Your next destination is not going to make you forget your heartache. Its not going to sort out the demons inside you. Your plane ticket is not the miracle cure for your depression.

Many of us struggle to face the world for many reasons. You might be scared that if you stand up to your situation something bad will happen. We then start to run. We run so far away that we can never return, only to face the same thing and repeat the vicious cycle. Eventually we have nothing left. Your bank account is empty, you have no friends and you are 2 decisions away from ending up in an asylum for the rest of your life.

Moral of the story is, make time for yourself. Spend some time at home, spend some time in your head. Running doesn’t fix anything. Running won’t give you the peace you want and need.

Don’t over work yourself. Don’t get lost in the rat race. Don’t go looking for answers in another city or country. Everything in moderation is good for you.

There are no known cures for mental illnesses but there are ways to improve our mental health. There are ways we can figure out ourselves to improve the state of mind. You can go see a hundred psychologists, travel to thousands of destinations and spend thousands of hours at work, but nothing will get better unless you make the mind shift. You are the cure to your own mental illness and addiction.

Peace and quiet is good for the mind and soul.


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